Kaleb Kochensparger

Dressed for my Bond day

Dressed for my Day of Bond

On Thursday November 8th, prepping to see Skyfall at midnight, I decided that I would spend my entire day doing Bond related activities.

I started out the day with a bond style breakfast which consisted of black coffee, and scrambled eggs prepared the way Ian Fleming suggested.

I then pulled out my Bond 50 Blu-ray box set and watched Goldeneye through Quantum Of Solace. Between Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, I followed James Bonds shower routine of hot then cold, shaved with manual razor that bond would approve and so on.

Then I continued my marathon, and when my marathon came to Casino Royale, I contemplated having a vodka martini but decided not to since my 21 year old body can’t handle that much liquor yet so I settled for whiskey, neat and I drank it in a similar style to Bond-s post stairwell fight.

Finally I watched Quantum and I finished getting ready for Skyfall by putting on my Bond-like watch, my Bond-like sports jacket and my 007 cologne.

When there was a few minutes left of Quantum, my friend sent me a text and told me he was on his way and would get me in 20 minutes. Well 20 minutes later I left my house and for some reason I started unintentionally slipping into my Daniel Craig accent impression so I stuck with it for the remainder of the night.

Finally after several hours of waiting with anticipation and excitement I walked into the auditorium with my friends to a fairly filled room and sat down to see Skyfall. When Skyfall finished i was left speechless by the excitement and joy that the film had brought to me, assuring in my mind that it was not only the best Bond film, but my favorite bond Film and my number one film of the year.

I went home and decided that I must see Skyfall again.