Nick A

I had heard from Aston Martin’s Facebook page there would be 4 Skyfall themed Aston’s taxiing people around NYC. I shrugged as I live in NYC and it’s a big place. When I had learned that they would be based in Lincoln Center just ONE block away, I had to try.

So at 6 pm I departed my apartment and walked down to Lincoln Center. Immediately I was greeted with the sight of a lone Aston with two guys sitting in it. A little nervous, I walked up to the car and asked, “Hey do you know what model this is?” And of course being the Bond fanatic I am, I knew everything about the car on first sight, I just didn’t want to blurt, “HEY CAN I HAVE A RIDE?” Haha. So I talked to them a little, trickling in information about the suit Craig is wearing in the picture and flashed the Tom Ford business card I had from Mr. Lopez the week prior to this.


Thank you Aston Martin!

Then the man in the passenger seat popped the question, “Do you want to go for a spin?” and man did my face light up! Being only 19, I’ve never been in an Aston before but I am working so hard on getting to that point in my life where I can own one.

I was greeted with one of the nicest people I’ve ever met as the Driver. We talked and drove around NYC at night, which is a sight. We encountered another DBS driving around which was fun to see the other passenger’s face light up.

I told the driver all about my adventures, Bond and others alike. This happened the day before Skyfall was set to be released. I tried to help out my driver by telling him about sales Best Buy is having to maybe generate some sales for Bond.

The guy reaches around the back seat and pulls out a yet-to-be released Skyfall on Blu Ray and DVD. He says, “You deserve this man!” I honestly feel like I’m dreaming when he says it’s on Aston. He hands me an Aston business card that I will keep in my wallet forever. We return back to Lincoln Center and the trip was over just as quickly as it began.

I will never forget that night as it was one of the happiest I have ever felt in my short life.