As some of you know by now, in an attempt to thin out my collection to concentrate on Bond lifestyle products, I listed some things from my collection for sale. I posted here and on my Facebook as well as a few threads thinking I would get a few inquiries that I could take care of at my lunch break.

How foolishly mistaken I was.

To say I underestimated the response this would evoke is putting it mildly.

I have received nearly a thousand requests for the sales list; so many in fact that we had to take that blog down because I couldn’t keep up.

I have also received emails ranging from people sending their condolences, well wishes, pity, and even those offering that I have shattered their world. I have been both moved and amused, but mostly thankful that there is such a passionate group of people that follow these videos and blogs and share my passion.

So why the sale in the first place?

Back in July, I had discussions to concentrate my collection on items that represented the Bond Experience or lifestyle. Clothes, accessories, watches, etc. all would be retained because to me they align with my interest the strongest and I take great pleasure in using them as everyday items; a quiet secret I keep as I walk through my everyday life.

This is a little harder to do with a Goldeneye device or a wooden elephant from TMWTGG.

And even the lifestyle pieces I own usually have duplicates that for some reason I have been keeping in storage and boxes all these years. As the web site gained traction, I wanted to focus on acquiring more Bond lifestyle items but I knew something had to give and thus my sale, which I assure you merely thinned the collection but did not destroy it.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, my collection will emerge from this all the more powerful, if not more concentrated, and ready to entertain and thrill those around the world.

James Bond collection