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Bond in Motion
Our intrepid correspondent Blair Ballard takes us on an tour of the Bond in Motion exhibit. It’s like being there without the long lines!

Bond the Brand
The brand journey of Bond clothes and products are discussed with a focus on Billy Reid.

Countdown to SPECTRE
David discusses some of the surprises we have in store leading up the premiere of SPECTRE.

Bond Style from Scratch
Continuation of the investigation of Craig identified brands and a contest to win these very pieces!

What is Daniel Craig Wearing 2
Continuation of the investigation of Craig identified brands and a contest to win these very pieces!

Factory Entertainment Breather Review
Review from concept to delivery….

What is Daniel Wearing
David discusses the connection of Bond and the man that plays him, Daniel Craig.

The Tom Ford SkyFall Tuxedo
David tracks and hunts down an illusive Tom Ford SkyFall Tuxedo

Wet Nellie Auction
Our intrepid correspondent Blair gets the scoop on Wet Nellie at her auction!

Extreme Collectors TV Show
David’s James Bond collection is highlighted on Extreme Collectors!

Lands End Shirt Challenge – Day 4 & 5
David continues the testing of Lands End new Made to Work shirts.

Lands End Shirt Challenge – Day 3
David puts the Lands End shirt through Day 3 of its paces.

SkyFall Haircut / Lands End Day 2
David heads to the barber to get the SkyFall look…outfitted in a Made to Work Lands End shirt.

Lands End Shirt Challenge – Day 1
Lands End has picked The Bond Experience to be one of three bloggers to test out their new Made to Work Shirts.

Driving a Boat Like Bond
David is joined by Dexter to learn how to operate a boat while being chased by bad guys…chaos ensues!

Art Vinyl and Aston Martin
An amazing collection of Bond LP’s surrounded by Aston Martin goodness!

Exquisitely Evil Bond Tour: Part 2
The Bond Experience all access tour continues with props, gadgets, costumes, and more!

Spy Museum Bond Tour
David receives an all access pass to the 50 Year celebration of James Bond through the henchman’s eyes…Exquisitely Evil!

The Barbour Commander Jacket
Guest correspondent Frank Burgos discusses the Bond classic Barbour Commander jacket.

Sunspel and James Bond
David shows us a new entry in the Sunspel James Bond Collection!

The James Bond Breathers
David receives one of a kind prototypes of the Factory Entertainment breathers: www.factoryent.com

Ed Maggiani: The Collector’s Q
David interviews Ed Maggiani, who is considered to be the James Bond collectors Q worldwide.

David Meets a Bond Girl
At Amazicon, David meets the charming Bond Girl, Lana Wood, aka Plenty O’Toole.

SkyFall Tetbury Boot Review
David takes the Crockett and Jones Tetbury Boots through its paces in this review.

The Dezer Collection Car Musuem
David focuses on touring the memorabilia section of the James Bond section. Part 2 of 3.

The Dezer Collection Car Musuem
David tours the amazing James Bond section of the Dezer Collection Car Museum and encounters some surprises! Part 1 of 3.

James Bond Shoe Shine
David reviews the techniques, equipment and surrounding for a Bond-like shine.

The Frugal Bond at Kohls
David comes up a little short at Kohls trying to find the Bond look for less. His frustration is quite apparent.

NPeal SkyFall Sweater Review
David puts the NPEAL SkyFall sweater through its paces and assesses the customer service and quality of the company.

The Brosnan Electric Shave
David shaves with the same Norelco electric shaver seen in Die Another Day and goes over some helpful hints.

The Frugal Bond at Old Navy
David begins the Frugal Bond series again with Old Navy. This time he is dropped into the store unrehearsed!

The Bond Cutthroat Shave
David goes to John’s Barber Shop to get the SkyFall cutthroat shave!

The James Bond Shave
David begins a series of videos around getting the James Bond shave, starting with Daniel Craig’s personal regiment.

TBE Meets Being James Bond
David runs into Joe Darlington, the founder and editor of Being James Bond!

London SkyFall Premiere
While in London, David is invited to and attends the SkyFall premieres hosted by Coke and Heineken.

Bond Holiday Gift Ideas
David helps those that don’t know what to get the Bond fan that has everything.

At Turnbull & Asser
Get a backstage pass to the inner workings at Turnbull & Asser.

How to Tie a Bowtie
The manager of Turnbull & Asser shows us step by step how to tie a James Bond bow tie.

James Bond’s Floris
Take an inside tour of Floris, the company behind the shaving bowl used in SkyFall.

James Bond Halloween Party
David hosts a Bond-themed Halloween party with some amazing decorations and spy-costumed guests.

Billy Reid SkyFall Peacoat Story
David heads to NYC to find out how the Billy Reid Peacoat became the iconic wardrobe piece in SkyFall.

Billy Reid SkyFall Peacoat Review
David receives the very first Billy Reid SkyFall Peacoat from Italy and decides to field test it in London.

Welcome to The Bond Experience
Chief Correspondent David Zaritsky explains, like only David can, what The Bond Experience is all about.

The Jackets of SkyFall
David reviews and discusses the many jackets that Bond wears in the new SkyFall movie.

Tom Ford Quantum Suiting
An inside look at the process, the store, the people, and a meeting with the man himself…Tom Ford!

Bond and Cigars
David interviews Tom Stroud, Cigar Afficianado and Bond Enthusiast& learns about smoking Bond style!

Packing Like Bond
David gives helpful hints on how to pack for even the most active of journeys and missions.

The Casino Royale Haircut
Chief Correspondent David Zaritsky takes you to his barber to illustrate how to ask for and GET the Casino Royale hair cut!

McQueen and Bond
David discusses the influence of Steve McQueen’s style on the James Bond films, in particular Daniel Craig’s outings.

The Frugal Bond
David Zaritsky shows the budget alternatives to Bond’s outfits in Quantum of Solace.

Targeting Bond
David Zaritsky finds the James Bond lifestyle in the most exotic of places…a Target store!

SkyFall Collecting – The Early Days
David discusses a few pieces to tied everyone over before the collecting REALLY begins!

James Bond in Key West
The Villains and Voodoo Tour take on the License to Kill hot spots in Key West!

Sharks…James Bond Style
Jump into the shark cage with David and his Bond cohorts.

Thunderball in the Bahamas
Simon Ruzgar, Joseph Darlington and David Zaritsky take you to several Thunderball locales in the Bahamas—James Bond style!

Bond and Factory Entertainment
David interviews Barry Eldridge from Factory Entertainment on the new series of Bond replicas scheduled to be released.

Bond Cocktails – Part 1
David Zaritsky and Joe Darlington (BeingJamesBond.com) show you how to make the best James Bond cocktails (Part 1).

Bond Cocktails – Part 2
David Zaritsky and Joe Darlington (BeingJamesBond.com) show you how to make the best James Bond cocktails (Part 2).

Bonding for the Holidays
A public help message for all those Bond fans out there that didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.

Stripping a Bond Gun
The stripping of a gun, like Camille does in Quantum of Solace. Weapons expert Mark Hazard guest stars.

James Bond Poker on the Seas
We play a mean and often vicious game of Texas Hold ‘Em. At least one poisoning and one stairwell fight were conducted.

The James Bond Ab Routine
Get the abs of Daniel Craig as John Fulton leads us through a 7 minute ab routine that is great to the core!

Body by Bond – Part 1
Part 1 of a three part series on how to get the Casino Royale body!

Body by Bond – Part 2
Part 2 of a three part series on how to get the Casino Royale body!

Body by Bond – Part 3
Part 3 of a three part series on how to get the Casino Royale body!

Through the Eyes of a Collector 1
Through the eyes of a James Bond collector. Part 1 of a four part series.

Through the Eyes of a Collector 2
Through the eyes of a James Bond collector. Part 2 of a four part series.

Through the Eyes of a Collector 3
Through the eyes of a James Bond collector. Part 3 of a four part series.

Through the Eyes of a Collector 4
Through the eyes of a James Bond collector. Part 4 of a four part series.

Throwing a James Bond Party
David goes over the basics of throwing your own James Bond Party. This is a simple, step by step process.

Surviving a James Bond Funeral
The Villains and Voodoo group go on a tour of New Orleans and encounter the surprise of their life!


  1. Sam says:

    Am thinking of getting the Levis distressed leather Skyfall jacket. What is sizing like on that? On Mr Porter it says they run large and reccomend sizing down. I ususally wear a L or M depending on brand. On the Billy Reid peacoat I wear a M. I am 5 11, 32 waist, fairly thin but shoulders are somewhat broad.

  2. Mark says:

    I love the bow tie video! I usually struggle with trying to tie one around my neck, then dig the pre-tied one out of my tie case and use it. I am definitely going to follow this example and have a real tie (pre-tied). :)

    Thanks DZ!

  3. Andrew from Toronto says:

    Hi David! Great site, great vids and great info! Inspiring to all of us Bond fans!

    I am going to be visiting London over Christmas and love your Jermyn street vids…I have been up and down that street many a time but aside fromTurnbull and Asser didn’t realize the extensive Bond connections.

    Two Questions:
    1) will you be uploading any more vids from London on top of thr bowtie and Floris ones?

    2) and any blanket recommendations for myself looking for Bond locales in London Town?

    Cheers David keep up thr great work!


    • David Z says:

      We do have a very back room tour of Turnbull coming up…as far as touring London, buying James Bond’s London is a must!

  4. David Z says:

    Many of the holiday gifts can be found in our Bond store…but here are a few links and emails to the others…please tell them you saw this video:

    johnsmedley.com (sweater)
    For the cuff links email Hart008@yahoo.com
    topman.com (chinos)
    zara.com (boots)

  5. Thomo says:

    Great video – thanks David

  6. Joel says:

    Great holiday video, David. I’ll bet we can expect a New Year’s video! Your bow tie video was very interesting. Can you do one on a standard tie? I have trouble getting that tight, clean look Craig uses with the bold knot and I can NEVER get the pleat right.

  7. Adil says:


    Great videos – thanks!

    I’m looking to get the Barbour jacket from Skyfall and am unsure about sizing. I am 6″ and 140lbs and was thinking the medium would be best – I normally wear a 38″ jacket. I noticed the jacket you tried was a medium – would you be able to share what size you normally wear please? I’m fairly sure I made the right choice with a medium on order, but might need to change to large if it is too tight.

    Adil, London

  8. Jake says:

    Hey David how big is your James Bond collection could you make a video of it?

  9. Bond Girl says:

    The Ab work out is great! Just like what I encountered in gymnastics. I’ll make it part of my new years resolution work out. Now I just need to down load some Bond music to go with it!!

  10. Bond Girl says:

    As I had gotten older I had gotten out of shape and how have some dreaded under arm fat. What exercises are good for building up that muscle?

    • David Z says:

      under arm fat is tough…certainly aerobic will help overall but muscle building tricep workouts with little to no rest in between sets…

  11. Mathias says:

    Hi David love the site and videos, especially the Target video. Hope we get another one soon except with Old Navy instead.

  12. arch stanton says:

    Hard to believe that when I was in high school I could get a more gentleman cut then as a grown man. I truly miss the small town barber shop, at mine it was hot towel, cream and five card stud for the cut. He was a travel agent, a engagement ring salesman and a insurance salesman as well.
    Sad that these cornerstones of society are gone now, thanks Mr. Z for reminding me of what a old school barber shop can be, and more importantly what a barber should be.

  13. arch stanton says:

    Is it just me or are some of the videos missing? Unfortunately for me the first time I found the video, it was the week I got back from the Bahamas. I was fortunate to have lunch at the ocean club but missed allot of other opportunities by not seeing both Bahamas videos before I went, mistake I will not make again, keep great videos coming.

  14. TJ says:

    Enjoyed the cigars one. Just picked up a Romeo y Juliet at a great tobacco store in Vermont.

    There is nowhere to get a proper cutthroat shave here due to very high insurance barbers have to take out now. Also there are less trained barbers in existence.

    Headed to Florida in a couple of weeks and finding it hard to come by frugal versions of Jantzen or Orlebar swim shorts. Any ideas?

    Finally, a Men’s Warehouse Frugal Bond would be fun. Any plans on that?


    • Langford says:

      Just got done shopping Saturday at Men’s Wearhouse for my “frugal” version of the Istanbul gray plaid (subtle) suit. So-called mid range suit was $600 after discount.

      Great experience, they stayed after closing to help my son and I since he was getting a black suit to serve as prom (vs tux) and other occasions. And, they gave me the info for a local tailor who could convert my suit’s sleeve buttons to functional.

      Also, found this link for a reproduction of the Istanbul tie. They do repos of various movie items, apparently.


      Now I need to tackle the chukka boots to finish it up.

      I’m happy with my own frugal options for this one.

  15. TJ says:

    I just got a fantastic navy polo from Amazon (Deal Rack). It’s a deep navy, soft and the small fits great if you’re in shape:


    Anyone know if Craig wore deck shoes? Sperry?


  16. Langford says:

    Great advice re shoe shine vid. Thanks for posting these demos!

  17. Double O Duffy says:

    David, let me tell you. I am very impressed by your Bnd collection and your experiences. I have spent the 21rst century living like Bond. I started my actual “Bond look” after I got to see The World Is Not Enough. I bought suits, clothes, and many items because of Bond And I disagree about the 007 fragrance smelling like Hobo Sweat. I got more compliments on the way I smell from more women than ever before. Thanks again Dave, keep in touch.

  18. Declan says:

    Bonjour, David, how are you?
    I just wanted to inquire into whether or not you will be doing any more Frugal Bond videos. They are a great help, and are very popular.


  19. robert says:

    you are the best

  20. David Zaritsky says:

    More videos coming soon.! Just needed a little break to build up events.

  21. Mike Morgan says:

    Hello David, big fan of your work. It appears to me that there are two cotton jackets from Quantum. There are pictures of one with the upright band collar and I’ve seen others with the typical folded collar . The one he wears in Haiti on the dirt bike looks different than the one towards the end which make sense because he wouldn’t hang onto a dead mans jacket longer than he needed to in Haiti.

  22. Michael says:

    Hi David,
    How long did the Sunspel shipping take to arrive. I live right around bucks county and was hoping to get an idea because the website says up to 21 working days. Also in your C&J Tettbury review your John Smedley sweater comes in a huge box. How did you get the box? Did it come with the sweater or did you order it?

  23. Jared says:

    I am in the market for a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. I don’t live in New York so I cannot try on the shoes before I buy them. I am debating between the Highbury and Alex shoes, both worn in Skyfall. What are your thoughts on a Dainite Rubber sole versus a leather sole? I wear a suit every day to work and am worried a rubber sole is too informal.

  24. Christian Collins says:

    Hi David ,
    I want the same shirt you ordered from Baron Boutique , the CR Bahamas gambling/Solange scene one.
    What am i asking for , can you please help ?

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  35. Charles says:

    The Skyfall haircut is absolutely perfect! We all should be so lucky to have such a cool barber as yours. Is he on loan? Damn it! Didn’t think so. Will use the video to get this 007 Skyfall look.

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