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Guest correspondent Frank Burgos discusses the Bond classic Barbour Commander jacket.


  1. DG says:

    Nice interview! I just received my Dept. B “Commander” jacket a few days ago…yes I cheated a bit and had it shipped from Stuarts of London—pre-ordered in March.

    I don’t have the Tokito in front of me to directly compare, but to my eye the only differences are the removal of the hood, zipper, and the inner storm flap. The throat protector is included. There are no tags referencing Bond or Skyfall. I’m guessing the fit is the same and if anyone is wondering the buttons are not evenly spaced but have closer spacing between the lower two. Hope some find this helpful.

    David, if you’re out there, I’m curious where you had yours altered? Did you send it back to Barbour or go with a local tailor? Thanks and, of course, great site!

    • DT says:

      DG, what kind of fit is the Commander jacket? I often flip between a Medium and Large when it comes to jackets. Thanks

      • DG says:

        I would call it a slim cut, especially compared to traditional Barbour jackets. I measure a 38 and the medium fits well in the shoulders with some room to spare in the body. You could probably go either way depending on how you like your fit.

      • Roberto says:

        The jacket is a slim fit, especially the shoulders. I also skid in between M and L, but This jacket is clearly L. You can adjust the waist fit by re-positioning the buttons though.

      • Dave says:

        Hi, if you’re still checking…I had my local tailor alter the sleeve length, and it’s perfect. He said it was a very well constructed jacket, by the way. It’s perfect for foggy San Francisco evenings – though it’s not thick, the waxed cotton, lining, and wool trim inside actually render it quite warm with just a T-shirt underneath, when it’s 55 degrees!

  2. A says:

    I just received my Barbour Dept B yesterday.

    Its a great jacket, slim fit however the arms must not have have been taken into account in regards to the fitting. They are comparably baggy.

    I’m having the arms taken in to match the whole slim profile of the jacket. All in all happy with the decision to get this awesome piece.

    Just wanted to give all those unsure a heads up!

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