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David shaves with the same Norelco electric shaver seen in Die Another Day and goes over some helpful hints.


  1. Peter Franks says:

    Yeah, that kind of shave fits the Bond Pierce Brosnan embodys.
    Quick, cold and sketchy….

  2. Fletch says:

    Yep, I have a Philips (as they are known in Australasia) but not the same model. They do cut better than other brands I have tried. I shaved with a blade for years but switched to electric in about 2005 and have never gone back to a blade.

    One little trick/technique I do which sometimes makes cutting the cheek hair easier is to close your mouth and puff out your cheeks (like a blow fish :)

    Sometimes this makes it easier to cut, as you have some resistance and the area is more spherical.

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