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David Zaritsky shows the budget alternatives to Bond鈥檚 outfits in Quantum of Solace.


  1. RS says:

    Great site and videos. Interested in more information on the dark Armani shirt. I have looked on ebay for the product. However, it does not show up. Is this something that has been removed?

    …or am I just looking in the wrong place. Thanks

  2. TJ says:

    This is a classic Frugal Bond.

    Any alternatives for the blue polo if can’t pony up for the Sunspel?

    The Old Navy one looks a little washed and probably would fade quickly.


  3. RS says:

    I picked up the Old Navy polo today as well as the pants. Great deal for the price. And they fit great too! My son and daughter took one look and said “James Bond!”

    My wife rolled her eyes and went back to napping.

    I figure I won’t be wearing it everyday. So, I can probably buy several of them if need be.

  4. RS says:

    Macy’s has a really nice blue polo. Can’t remember the brand. However, it is the store brand.

    They fit a little large. So, make sure to get one a size smaller. I usually wear medium to large. I bought a small and it fits like a slim. All you need to do is take off the white buttons and sew on some darker ones

    Now the best part….. $9.00 Can beat that!

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