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Student property investment
David reviews and discusses the Sunspel/James Bond connection and shows us a new entry in the Sunspel James Bond Collection!


  1. Langford says:

    Thanks again David. I really enjoy the product reviews! Ok, so the question I always have, particularly about UK clothiers, is what size to order?

    I know I’ve got an odd shape. 45″ chest 35″ waist. But according to Sunspel’s online sizing guide, I’d buy the XXL Riviera Polo. For most everyday American retailers, I buy L shirts, sometimes they’re a bit loose but never too tight. So, how would you rate the sizing vs typical US sizing?


    PS- same thing with Zara. According to many reviews, if you’re American who does a lot of pushups or has broad shoulders, forget about getting into any of their super-undersized shirts.

  2. Polynikes says:

    Zara shirts are very fitted. I need an XL in them but love the fit. I take a large in the sunspel. I have 44 chest by the tape which means I should be an XL. An XL would bury me. I find the sizing quite similar to the abercrombie polo’s I have. The problem I have is that often clothes that fit well around the chest and shoulders are too baggy in the middle. I had to have an XL in the to ki to barbour and get it tailored down.

    Love the review of the shorts. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed they left off the belt loops. I think they give a 60’s touch which would have been good.
    I’m going to visit sunspel at spitalfields tomorrow as I have a training day in town. I think I’m more likely to come away with a riviera polo in sky than the shorts though.

    • Langford says:

      Thanks that helps. I hear you about the baggy middle. If/when I get the barbour jacket your experience will be exactly what I need to plan for- was wondering about L vs XL, now I know!

  3. Polynikes says:

    By the way: I recently bought a sky terry polo and terry shorts in orelbar brown. Check them out if you’re after the Sean Connery poolside look in goldfinger!……. I’m aware I may be the only one in the world who thinks that is a good look….

  4. jay sadowski says:

    Thanks for your review enjoy the video a lot. I even wore my Sunspell polo to work today. I’m going to pass on the swimming trunks as I am happy with the orlebar brown pair.

  5. Kyle Barbeau says:

    I just took advantage of free shipping from Sunspel two weeks ago and am very pleased with my purchases. I’ll definitely be making more in future. As you say in this video the customer service is excellent.

  6. Javi Trujillo says:

    I’ve got a jersey polo in white and one in mint and I love them. The white is a little too sheer for my liking in this climate as it’s too revealing and requires an undershirt. I plan on getting the Casino Royale shirt when I hit my ultimate weight loss goal!

  7. Matt says:

    Is this a set they sell together on the site or do you buy them individually? I have all but the trunks, but love all the other shirts so much I thought I’d purchase a new set of everything else. Any links?

  8. Kaleem Ansari says:

    I love the Sunspel Riveria Polo, i own two (Navy, White) i plan to buy a black one and also the Riveria Grey Crewneck once the holiday specials are on. lol Great video Zaritsky!

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