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David comes up a little short at Kohls trying to find the Bond look for less. His frustration is quite apparent.


  1. Andrew says:

    Too bad. I usually find my frugal alternatives at Gap and Old Navy. Some times J. Crew for men has (relatively) affordable options as well for jean, khakis, and sweaters that have a good fit.

  2. Peter Franks says:

    nice vid david! i have to admit, i enjoyed your desperation a little.speaking for myself, i dont like kohl’s anyways.

  3. kevin parsons says:

    I found my peacoat that matches the Billy Read jacket at Kohls

  4. Kaleema007 says:

    Man, Kohls is lame… I felt like i was in the store with you david… i tend to have to walk endlessly till i find something that catches my eye, then i check the price tag and it is waaaaay over priced. for example the mark anthony line is not even that great and his clothes are way over priced… the suits at kohls are cheap material also… i think on their website (because i have seen it before) they have savile row labeled suits, but i think their polyester??? :O

    Any who i wouldve been better off watching another Bond Shave video lol..

    Hey will you go into stores such as JCpenny or Banana republic? I shop at JCP frequently and i get most if not all my Bond suit items from the Stafford brand… from barrel cuffs to mitred cuffs to french cuffs. however a little tidbit i was told yesterday because i just bought a short sleeve henley shirt but was looking for a stafford french cuff shirt and they were fresh out, the clerks told me they only carry the french fucc shirts in the Mall JCp stores.. not the standalone stores… so yeah, hopefully your next store is JCP… thatll be interesting… Kohls wasn’t such a huge waste in the case that now we know not to expect too much from there now… thanks Dave.

  5. Kaleema007 says:

    lol sorry for my typo, i meant french CUFF…

  6. Psil34 says:

    Any decent peat coat that fits well, will do just fine. Kohl’s not an ideal place for much anyhow.

  7. Vikas says:

    David, I think you need to do one at Banana Republic. They have a lot of the types of clothes in the Bond films (e.g., Pea Coats, Polo Shirts, Henleys, Slim Suits, etc.) in pretty slim fits.

  8. Chad W says:

    David, your camera man is a saint!

    I have found Khols to be hit or miss with bond type stuff as well. Although their selection changes a bit seasonally, and sometimes it is easier to find more stuff in the summer months, as Bond tends to frequent warmer places. Not a total loss, still a very informative video- Thanks.

  9. David Z says:

    My camera people are saints! They put up with my antics with very little direction!!!

  10. Polynikes says:

    Ha ha! Awesome. Everywhere I go now I have the frugal bond in mind! I’m looking everywhere for the best approximation of the enjoying death shirt. For quite a generic design I’m finding it surprisingly hard.

  11. TJ says:

    I found a nice navy polo in Kohls, Croft and Barrow I think, much mice than the Old Navy one.

    JC Penny has great suits and ties too, could be a good one next.

    Anyone know what Bond was wearing on his feet at the Ocean Club in Casino Royale when he parked the DB5?

    And, is Dalton the only Bond to wear deck shoes?


  12. Drum007 says:

    Great video, David! Too bad you came up short. What about trying H&M? Most of their stuff is slimmer fit, hip, and also might appeal to people outside the US market.

  13. VinnyMac says:

    I’ve never been to Kohl’s. From these comments, I guess that I’m not missing anything. Nice video though.

  14. VinnyMac says:


    lol….Walking through the women’s section with a camera probably isn’t a great idea.

  15. Vin Davis says:

    Not a lot at my Kohl’s in Northern Cal, however, in the Mark Anthony section, I did find a pretty close “enjoying death” shirt. I thought for sure you’d see it and save the video. Thanks for the series,

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