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Facing Down James Bond…and Surviving

November 27, 2012 with 6 comments

Sid Man

In the past 18 months, I’ve been lucky enough to work as a background artist on a few movies, almost none of which are ready for release yet – 47 Ronin, Rush, About Time, Maryland – but did work on one particularly special movie which was released recently.

In November 2011, I embarked on possibly the greatest Bond Experience ever – I was booked to work on the 23rd Bond movie SkyFall; initially at Ascot Race Course which was doubling for Shanghai Airport, then at Broadgate Tower and finally at the world famous Pinewood Studios where I worked for a week on the Macau casino scene.…

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Meeting George Lazenby

November 23, 2012 with 5 comments

Tim Abbott

It was early September when I saw an article in Empire magazine for the ‘Licence to Thrill’ event in Sydney. I live in Melbourne but I was so eager to go, as my goal (as I am quite young) is to meet all the actors. So here I was Googling and researching plane tickets, costs for accommodations and the event itself, which was $45 for me and $99 for dad (which isn’t fair because I’m the Bond fan). But anyways I asked dad but my mother didn’t approve of flying to Sydney to meet an actor. I eventually had to drop the idea.…

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To Shrink or Not to Shrink…That is the Question

November 20, 2012 with 18 comments

Stefan Hills, 11/20/12

Can you shrink a Barbour jacket? The short answer is Yes! I believe you can.

But why would you want to? The answers are many, like 1) I was bored on a Saturday night and the wife was out with her girlfriends; 2) you are in between sizes; or 3) you want to break in the jacket.

At this point I should add that I fully understood that there was the very real risk that I was about to ruin an otherwise perfectly good jacket, not mention James Bond collectible from SKYFALL. But I had another in my closest and so was willing to take the risk.…

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Riding the CAT, James Bond Style

November 16, 2012 with 17 comments

Leonard Hart Tangguh, 11/16/12

Riding the CAT – Just like the real thing

Driving down the road, I was informed by my wife that there was a Caterpillar Excavator near where I live parked on the street (as there was some construction work going on) . After 2 days passing by that CAT, my wife said “I know you want to! So why don’t you get suited up and get some pics taken with you on the CAT like the opening scene in Turkey.”

She was kind enough to get permission from the operator and surprised me with that! And i was like YES!…

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Directing a 007 Inspired Music Video!

November 13, 2012 with 20 comments

Chris Stone, 11/13/12

Mapping out the music video

I’ve loved Bond films for as long as I can remember but when I saw Goldeneye on the big screen I knew what I wanted to do with my life; to direct a James Bond film. I decided at the age of the 12 that I would make it my goal in life to direct the 30th 007 on screen adventure. We’re now up to 23 with Skyfall, so this gives me another 10-15 to really break into the industry and really learn my craft.

In 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to work with a band and direct their music video .…

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Walking the Red Carpet at the Bond Premiere in London

with 3 comments

David Zaritsky, 11/07/2012

Out of all the parts and pieces of the site, I am most excited about this one. That’s because this is the area where YOU get to share your own Bond experiences. Maybe you shrunk and altered a Barbour SkyFall coat and want to discuss the process and pictures. Maybe you found a great frugal Bond items and want to share your story and pictures. Maybe you had a Bond encounter with a shark ! Or one of a thousand stories and moments that make up the Bond Experience.

I will kick it off with my own latest Bond Experience of walking the red carpet at the Bond Premiere in London.…

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