Marcos Kontze

My name is Marcos Kontze. I’m the creator and editor of the James Bond Brasil website. I’m also known through out the Bond forums as Marketto, since 2002.

One of my first real Bond Experiences which certainly I’ll never forget happened in London, exactly one year ago today, in Leicester Square during the Premiere of 鈥淭he Girl With The Dragon Tattoo鈥…the movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

It was my 27th Birthday and my dear girlfriend Julia was living in the city. Since she couldn鈥檛 give me any birthday gifts personally, and knowing that I鈥檓 a huge Bond fan, she decided to surprise me with the greatest gift any Bond fan could ever want; a 鈥淗appy Birthday鈥 wish and an autograph from James Bond himself, Mr. Daniel Craig.

According to her, after waiting for several hours, with rain and tons of people who were trying to reach Daniel Craig, she completed the mission and Daniel Craig said 鈥淗appy Birthday to Marketto鈥, and also signed the improvised cardboard sign, which now is one of the golden itens of my collection.

Watch the video: