I am very honored to be one of the featured articles in the Sept/Oct. issue of Philly Fit Magazine…of course there is a Bond spin to my journey of health and wellness. Here’s how it starts…

Meet David Zaritsky, an extraordinarily, hard working executive and President of Roska Healthcare Advertising; quite an accomplishment for a man in his mid forties. (A brief biography of his work history can be found at the end of this article). He is happily married and the father of two terrific kids, residing in Newtown, PA. As is all too common for many executives, all the intensity of climbing the corporate ladder leads to a pinnacle point in a successful career. However, by the time David was thirty-nine, he began to realize that he didnt make time to incorporate appropriate diet and fitness into his lifestyle, until – James Bond.

One of Davids passions outside of work is the movies. Ive always been a movie buff. Im a well-known James Bond fan. I remember my father letting me stay up late to watch Bond films with him on TVa bonding experience for sure. Once I had some extra money, I began collecting movie props and costumes. Today I have one of the largest archived Bond collections in the country, and often give tours of my private collection. Additionally, I use it for charity events and have even lured had clients visit with their families. That being said, my wife wants everyone to be assured that my world-class collection is sequestered in a separate and lower level of our home.

David was never seriously overweight, but he was not in shape due to time constraints. Entertaining clients involves many meetings around dining out. During that time period, David didnt monitor his caloric intake or quality of nutrition because it simply wasnt foremost in his mind.

One day, in 2007, David was watching a James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, sat right up in his chair and thought, If I want to be like James Bond, then I have to work on looking like him! Most of you have seen the physique on Daniel Craig, well, right then and there, David began to turn his light bulb moment into reality.