Chris Stone, 11/13/12

bond music video

Mapping out the music video

I’ve loved Bond films for as long as I can remember but when I saw Goldeneye on the big screen I knew what I wanted to do with my life; to direct a James Bond film. I decided at the age of the 12 that I would make it my goal in life to direct the 30th 007 on screen adventure. We’re now up to 23 with Skyfall, so this gives me another 10-15 to really break into the industry and really learn my craft.

In 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to work with a band and direct their music video . I thought that their track sounded particularly like a James Bond title song and lyrics kind of described the character of Bond. After consulting with the band, I designed the video to be an homage to the 007 films to honor the up and coming 50th anniversary.

I was meticulous in finding all of the right locations, props and actors to feature in the music video, to give it that big budget spy movie feel. Actor Richard Jack was cast in the role of the ‘rebel spy’ after working previously with me on the film ‘Turpin’ which starred Caroline Munro from TSWLM. Richard exactly fits the description of James Bond in Ian Fleming’s first 007 novel, Casino Royale (1952). He really does look like a young Hoagy Carmichael!

Chris Stone

Chris Stone

The video was shot over a week on a micro budget and it was like a boys’ holiday! Aston Martins, explosions, hand to hand combat sequences… It was a dream come true! The video has had a fantastic reaction from all those that have seen it.

The first scene of the video to be shot was the last, the finale on the beach. It was designed as a nod to the famous sequence in ‘Dr. No’, where Ursula Andress walks out of the water. However, where the real Bond film shot in sunny Jamaica, our production was shot on a miserable rainy Llandudno beach in North Wales. The illusion of a beautiful sunny day was created in post production, by painstakingly rotoscoping the actors and altering the colours.

I’ve tried to put in a reference to as many Bond films, book and video games as possible. See if you can spot them all.

Chris Stone