As many of you know, I do a James Bond gift video every year whereby I highlight items for the Bond fan that has everything…except family that knows what to get them. These have been fun and a bit tongue in cheek but I have been amazed how many people truly do sit their loved ones in front of the video and press play in hopes that more than sugar plumbs will be dancing in their heads.

But this is a year of major Bond moments, like the 50th Anniversary and a small movie called SkyFall, so the abundance of Bond products is dizzying. Toys, clothes, accessories, etc. are so prevalent that we will more than likely have to have more than one video in order to avoid cramming too many goodies into one sitting.

So this starts to beg the question…are we in for a holiday season that hasn’t had this type of representation since the 60s spy craze?

I realize its difficult to even imagine anything could compare with Sears and Corgi and Gilberts presence and intrinsic attachment to the Bond name but with the advent of the internet the commercial presence is everywhere.

Hell, you probably cant even go wrong with gifting a SkyFall Heineken 6-pack to the Bond fan in your life.

But how exciting is it to see Bond in the wild? I remember even taking a special trip to Kohls to just get a glimpse of the 007 fragrance sitting on a shelf. I looked then left, but the nostalgic feeling of having my hobby in some way represented in this clothing store made me feel excited.

Thats crazy but is it so unique?

When I first saw the Toystate DB5s online and on Amazon for sale with their cool commercials, I had a sense of what those watching commercials for Corgi might of felt like back in the 60s. Machine guns, sound effects, bullet holes forming…I am eight years old suddenly with a hankering for Bond that could only be quenched by plunking my green on the table and running out of the store with this car.

Is anyone else feeling this way with all the commercial activity around Bond this year? Any expectations of what will be under your tree or menorah?