Barn Cronen

My Bond experience isn’t necessarily the coolest of stories or breath taken adventure. In a sense, it’s how I got MY 007 licence.

Since I can remember, I have been a Bond fan. It has always been a key feature in my life and I was one of the Bond kids to grow up with Mr Pierce Brosnan as 007; so for me he was the best Bond.

So when Brosnan left, I was sad (and young) but found myself sitting on the fence when Daniel Craig was announced. I was 15 at that point and figured I could guess the formula of Bond films thus never felt the need to judge ‘Blond Bond’.

Then Casino Royale happened.

I was blown away; left speechless.

For the first time I’d walked away from a Bond film being able to relate to Bond. It was largely his ability and struggle to hide or deal with his emotions and just shut them off.

My James Bond ExperienceThis then turned to be my downfall as any relationship I got involved in was ruined and as I grew older I found myself unmotivated and dragged into the stereotypical lifestyle that follows turning 18 in the UK.

After 4 years of same s#!t…different day, I’d hit a brick wall just as the hype for Skyfall had begun. After watching the trailers, I found myself on the James Bond lifestyle video, browsing the clothing section not really knowing what I was looking for.

To my delight, this did lead me to find the Bond video blogs David had been making which in turn took me to this delightful site.

It was the start of the weekend and I came to the decision that I will watch all of David’s videos over and over again.

It was then on Monday morning I realized it had happened or rather it had begun.

MY Bond experience.

David’s videos and reading other peoples stories on here made me realize the sheer depth and inspiration that can be taken from Bond that wasn’t guns, cars and villains, but INSPIRATION as a person.

Since then I’ve had an almost unbelievable change and outlook on life.

It’s only been a couple of months but I’m much fitter and healthier with an all new Craig inspired wardrobe (thanks to the Frugal Bond video). I’m motivated and my mannerisms and confidence have improved with this. I even own a suit!

Most importantly it improved my current relationship as I was able to be more than an emotionless boy and became a caring and somewhat grown up man. This came at the right time in life as sadly my girlfriends Nan, who we was both very close to, passed away on Christmas Eve. I found myself able to be more supportive for herself and her family during this difficult time, in particular staying with them all night in a hospital on what turned out to be her Nan’s final night.

I was able to deal with this better than I could have hoped for because of this website and the inspiration I took from David, the experiences you share and Bond himself.

So to sum it up, my Bond experience is THE Bond experience. The website and videos that had taught me a lot in such little time and have set me up for future Bond experiences.

For that I thank everyone and in particular David’s motivation for this site and all things Bond.