Claire Stokoe

The idea for the infographic below came out of the 50th anniversary of James Bond and the New Skyfall film showing in cinemas. 6 months ago, I had already designed an ‘Ultimate vehicle guide to James Bond’ infographic that became hugely popular online, so I already knew there was an audience for it. I started with research, and a lot of it. I used sites like and also ran a poll across a number of 007 forums; this gave me what I needed to concentrate on the tailoring and just how Bond throughout the years actually dressed.

I found all of the suits worn by Bond through all 22 movies and what was said to be featured in the new Skyfall movie, I then decided to concentrate on dinner suits and compiled how many had 4 cuff buttons, what style of trousers, what colour Bond wears most ‘which is Midnight Blue’ and also looked at when these styles reoccurred throughout the movies.

For a bit of fun I looked at the James Bond dress Fails such as the ruff shirt worn by George Lazenby in on her majestys secret service and the stunningly awful terrycloth play suit worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger in 1964.

I then looked to what the poll answers had said about Bond and what people were guessing 007 would wear if in fact he was a real person and alive in 2012. Using a mixture of most loved Bond items I put together a ‘how to dress like bond collection’. From Smartly Dressed Bond in Lock & Co Trilby and Dunhill lighter, to Casual Bond in Tom Ford Cardigan and Ted Baker Linen trousers, and not to forget Action Bond in Barbour sports jacket, Levi jeans and the elegant Omega sea master watch. The idea was to make Bond look like more of a real man, and his fashions more accessible.

A number of high profile fashion sites have published ‘dress like Bond’ articles of late but they only concentrate on the 2012 Bond and not the real Bond, the one that most people have grown up admiring and emulating.

Bond style is rooted in tradition, perfect tailoring, attention to detail and love for the classic and for women.

Enjoy 007…

How to Dress Like James Bond