Sometimes life is about blind luck. Today started out simple enough with my wife and I arriving in New York City to do a few errands and enjoy the crisp weather. As happens, we found ourselves walking to build up hunger for our lunch, which was still a few hours away.

As we walked, we realized we were by the Tom Ford store and as we hadn’t been there since August, we figured we would stop in. Actually, I have to give credit where credit is due…my wife pushed me to try on the SkyFall Glen Plaid so in we went.

We were warmly greeted by our good friend Mario Lopez with a hug as I began to start wandering around. We were talking about the collection when Mario leaned into me and whispered, “He’s here….”

For a Good ten seconds I thought he meant Tom Ford himself, but he quickly corrected me…

“No, David…Daniel Craig is here.”

daniel craigNow I have to tell you his words did not process right away and I remember saying something stupid but Mario offered me an Espresso and my wife some water and we walked into the woman’s collection.

And there he was picking out clothes for his wife after building a small pile of clothes for himself. We were the only ones in the store and I tried to play it cool by following my wife around the collection. She was the picture of cool and collected while I tried my very best not to bust my eyeball by looking out of the corner of my eye.

He was dressed in a jeans jacket, Levi’s jeans and Skye Crockett and Jones. He was taller than I expected and let me tell you I will never compare my build to him again….the guy looked jacked.

Ultimately we exchanged some nods in the men’s sections, the type of nods of acknowledgement of etiquette.

Now, this is the point where I didn’t want to look like a stalker or creep or whatever but as Mario couldn’t introduce me I was convinced by others that I should at least introduce myself. So, mustering up every bit of courage and destroying all shame I approached him as he was leaving. He walked right toward me (probably because I was blocking his way) and said, “Mr Craig, I am a big fan and respect your work. Would you mind if my wife took a picture of us together?” He looked at me and smiled and said, “Aw, you know…I would rather not”. I replied back quickly, “I absolutely respect that…but just so you know thanks for the work you have done.” He thrust out his hand and shook mine stating, “Thanks, THAT I really appreciate that…take care.”

And that was that. He was gracious and kind and I felt a pang of guilt interrupting his privacy but I knew this would never ever happen again, and as he has been such a focus of my hobby I had to at least greet him.

I was a little gutted not getting a pic but knowing how he feels about pictures it was just as well…and regardless I have my brush with Daniel Craig. Very surreal.

One last thing…this was all plain dumb luck. I had no heads up or call or notice…kismet.