By now you have hopefully viewed Part 1 of the Dezer Collection Museum Tour and like me was floored by the sheer massiveness of the collection.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first booked the videoing of this event as I didn’t expect much. Firstly, most car museums I have been to are cold, damp warehouses with the smell of oil and mildew that are as inviting as a World War bunker. I also was fully expecting the James Bond collection to be housed in a dark corner with a few sloppy posters.

I am delighted to say I was happily and most certainly surprised. The glee in my voice and excitement you see in the video was 100% real! Imagine being lowered by cable into a giant toy box filled with your favorite James Bond toys! Well, that’s what it feels like to visit the Bond wing of the museum.

That all being said, it does beg the question of the type of marketing the museum has conducted that even stalwart Bond fans are either unaware of this Mecca or they, like me, think it will be a meager assembly of pieces. My sincerest advice to The Dezer Collection is to market yourselves using social media, blogs, advocates…and PLEASE changes your website. I say this with the interest in seeing such a wonderful place not only survive but THRIVE!

More video coming in the coming days around the collection with some jaw dropping collectables and goodies!