Frank Herbert

This may be a bit of a different story for you.

I have been a Bond fan since 1964 (Goldfinger). In Sept 2011, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. This knocked the winds out of my sails.

The first thing you think of is how far off death is and ill I ever see Bond 23??

I elected to do radiation treatment but before I began the treatment, I started my Bucket List. I took a short trip to London and searched out some filming locations; some from past Bond movies and also from “Skyfall”.

When I returned home, I started my radiation treatment. When I first layed down on the table and the laser was moving into place, I wanted to yell out a line from Goldfinger.

“Do you expect me to talk?”

A few days into the treatment, one of the techs found out I was a Bond fan and went along with my adventure.

“No Mr. Bond…I expect you to die.”

During my 44 treatments, I lost myself in the world of Bond, searching all the web sites, reading MI6 Confidential, 007 magazines, watching the movies, searching for information on Skyfall, etc. This all became my mental therapy and got me through a lot of stress.

James Bond came to my rescue. As of last year my PSA levels are nill. In May, I do a follow up.

I’ll be waiting for Bond 24, Bond 25, and…

james bond rescue