I owed my brother greatly. He had helped in more than one assignment and always off the books. When our schedules permitted I arranged a dinner for my “off the book” agent.

Arriving at the Del Frisco’s steakhouse in Las Vegas we sat at the bar and enjoyed a cocktail (vodka martini’s with blue cheese stuffed olives.)

While waiting for our strip steaks and wine, we noticed a very interesting table near the front.

It was a James Bond table.

The James Bond table was a simple yet elegant table. We inquired what made it so special and after a few seconds the table “Blossomed” and the James Bond theme music began playing.

The table was purchased at auction for a charity and had specially inscribed bottles of wine from most of the James Bond movies.

We marveled at such a beautiful piece of art and a fine collectable second to none.

After dinner we retired to our club for ironed newspapers, cigars and whiskey.

Cheers Mr. Bond, wherever you are, from Las Vegas.

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