At the end of October I had the honor and pleasure of attending the premiere of SkyFall at The Royal Albert Hall in London. For me it was an emotional dream come true, one of the best just falling short of actually being in a James Bond movie. Even boarding the plane to begin the journey I recounted my journey of Bond fandom which began when my father would let me stay up late to watch re-runs on ABC. My father was a dedicated and successful, and thus busy, executive who was not exactly the “play catch in the back of the house” type guy. But, I have indelible memories of us watching Bond together, and laughing, remarking, and cheering.

That same nostalgic happiness washed over me as I landed in the UK and began a five day adventure deep into the world of Bond.

The movie itself was a wonderful reminder of what makes Bond great and seeing it in Bonds home of London added a wonderfully rich backdrop that could not be matched. The fact that Coke and Heineken invited us to their premieres and after parties seemed to acknowledge the power and acceptance of the social media swell that we all have created together.

Like the influence of many causing Billy Reid to re-issue the Bond pea coat, these corporations are fully aware of the virtual connectivity we can create by coming together as one. Where once corporations scoffed at the solidarity of interest like living like Bond, they now treat those spokespeople with the same respect as traditional media.

Below are a few photos of the trip but it’s what cant be described in video and pics that made it special. The Bonding of friends, experiences, and emotions is what I will remember from my trip…forever.

Would love to hear about your own SkyFall movie going experience! Leave a comment below.

SkyFall London