Sham K

I’m going to take a different twist at the Bond Experience. As David said, it’s about living like Bond, and enjoying the things in life that are taken for granted.

A few years ago, I had a chance to go to London on an all-expense paid business trip for a week. I decided to bring my wife and young daughter with me, as it would be great to share the experience and show them a city I’ve visited since I was a child.

bond london

The Ritz

Firstly, I started out by flying by Virgin Atlantic, the current airline of the Bond franchise. Now, rather than flying business and having the rest of the family fly in coach (that really wouldn’t have gone too well!), we all flew in Economy Plus and had a fabulous time. Virgin made us feel like royalty and treated our daughter like a princess.

Secondly, rather than staying at a hotel close to the client office, I convinced our business travel office to put us at the Ritz London. They had a special at the time that was less expensive than the corporate sponsored hotel, so work didn’t have a problem with paying less for a much better hotel! As soon as we checked-in, I felt we were on cloud 9. The staff were on their toes at all time and again treated my daughter like a little princess.

We were able to explore many apsects of Bond’s London, including taking a trip to Floris and even stopping by Savile Row to see some of the suit makers make their masterpieces.

We even dropped by the Aston Martin showroom and were able to sit in the DBS and other vehicles being displayed. I also did some shopping at Turnbull and Asser…okay umm…the shopping was actually a tie that was marked down considerably!

We finished off our amazing stay by having afternoon tea at the Ritz.

The experience was amazing and well worth our time. I was able to mix business with pleasure and even stay under business budget! The best part? I was able to share my experience with thoese I love the most.