Neil Hatt

Thanks to this great website, I was able to find and order my Billy Reid peacoat. On backorder, it has taken around a month and a half to arrive – and has been more than worth the wait!

billy reid peacoat

The Billy Reid Peacoat

Worn for the first time yesterday, I found myself walking a little bit taller and straighter – it’s amazing the confidence boost a coat can give you – but then as it makes you feel like Bond, I guess it’s not all that surprising.

This will be perfect for my upcoming weekend in Berlin (wife’s birthday). Where better to wear this beautiful coat (other than Shanghai of course!) than somewhere that still has such visible echoes of the cold war?

I’ll see if I can muster up some suitably Bondian photos whilst I’m there!

Please keep up the fantastic work on this site – it’s a pleasure to browse and is a great help to all us Bond fans!

P.S. My Orlebar Brown Setter’s also arrived today and will be perfect for Dubai this March – but don’t expect any pictures of that – my Bond collection is starting to grow, but my Bond body still needs a bit of work 😉