Thomas Newhard

I am a fitness model and follower of the James Bond life and experiences. I was a thin but athletic person until I saw Casino Royale, which motivated me to create my own James Bond workout and routine. I would say it worked. Here is my workout:

james-bond-workoutJames Bond workout
I usually do a 2 a day workout. I did free weights up until about a year ago because I didn’t have a gym membership; just a bench, kettle bell and some dumbbells. But I would switch it up with machines. Once you plateau, you need to trick the body.

Morning Routine:
Quick warm up such as stretching and jump rope just to get warm and a quick blood flow

Barbell curl
Skull crushers
Wrist curls with a barbell
Hammer curls

Military press
Standing rows
Bent over rows
Dumbbell lateral, also front raises
I usually throw pulls up in there also

Warm up kettle bell shoulder press while squatting to the floor
Bench press
Inclined bench press
Butterfly with dumbbells on a flat bench
Close grip bench press; this is for the inner chest and triceps
Chin up

Supplements I use
Protein: Extreme Wheybolic protein from GNC

Creatine 89 from gnc

Testosterone booster P6 extreme from Cellucor, I recommend you get this especially as one gets older but attempt to get it on where it is about half the price

I have always enjoyed all the Cellucor pre-workouts but after about 2 months you need to cycle to another pre because your body will get use to it

Nitric Oxide:
NO2 Red I have always liked but you will have to cycle from this two after 2 months because your body get use to it again so another nitric oxide would be ideal to use.

I also like to put an additional scoop of just arginine in my pre for better blood flow.