Having seen David Zaritsky’s Bond video on how to obtain a proper “Bond” haircut, and after trying and failing locally to get someone, ANYONE, to cut/style my hair into something similar to the well coiffed hairstyle Mr. Craig sports in Quantum of Solace, I made an appointment to see “JOHN” of John’s Barber Shop in beautiful and quiet Newtown, Pennsylvania.

quantum of solace haircutJohn is a popular guy, made more so no doubt by his exposure via Dave Zaritsky’s Bond Experience website.

Not dissuaded by his popularity, I made an appointment and also discussed with him what I am looking for.

John was very accommodating and said he would research “the look” to be prepared for when I arrived.

He wasn’t kidding! When was the last time your barber “researched” the kind of hairstyle you are seeking?

Needless to say, when I arrived for my scheduled appointment, I had a picture in my pocket of the Daniel Craig QOS hairstyle but I didn’t need it. John had it stored on his smartphone! Wow!

If you haven’t seen Dave Zaritsky’s video with John, you should view it. Everything you see is what you get. A very clean shop, friendly, and a genuine interest in seeing to it that you look your best and have your hair cut/styled the way you want. All for a price which is certainly far less than it could be for such personal service!

This is a great first step in the overall “Bond Experience” and with your hair done right, everything else comes along in a natural progression.

See my “before & after” pictures for visual reference. Enjoy!!

Thanks Dave & John!!