Many of you who have read some of my older articles know that I was introduced to James Bond through my father. My father was a busy entrepreneur who was not the “throw the ball in the backyard” type Dad. Don’t get me wrong; he loved his kids and we had an amazing relationship. But our moments together seemed just that…moments.

That all being said, some of the most indelible moments was when we would watch a James Bond film together. He would have me watch on those ABC late night movies, letting me stay up way past my bed time because after all, it was Bond…James Bond. These seemed like magical moments with my Dad and the fact that I was blurring the lines of my bed time made them that much more exciting.

So, you can imagine my own excitement in taking my two daughters and my Mother to Skyfall the other day. For many days ahead, I thought deeply about my father, wishing he could share in the moment that would be created. I was satiated that at least my mother would be there to share this. But the fact that I was introducing my daughters to a new and wonderful Bond movie was the icing on the cake.

I made a big deal out of it (shocking, I know) and took everyone out for a big breakfast and then we were off to the theater. Even travelling to the theater I thought of my father, wondering if he would like Craig’s portrayal of Bond. I think he would have. I sat next to my 16 year old, Ellis, and as the lights dimmed the thrill of having my family there became so heightened that in a way I felt as if I was seeing the movie for the first time.

I have to admit, I glanced more than a few times at my family instead of watching the movie the entire time just to see their reaction, which was a mix of delight, wonderment, and excitement. They loved it! Perhaps it was the proximity of where I was sitting, but my 16 year old especially loved many of the moments and was thrilled with Q and the Moneypenny parts.

Even leaving the theater, my mother exclaimed that she wanted to see it again and my oldest daughter, Ashlen, said this was her favorite Bond. As a 20 year old who studied psychology, she loved that they delved into Bond’s past and psyche. We talked and exclaimed about the movie even a full day after..the day was a rousing success.

And somehow, some way I felt my Dad was there the entire time, enjoying SkyFall with us and the family time well spent.