Leonard Hart Tangguh, 11/16/12


Riding the CAT – Just like the real thing

Driving down the road, I was informed by my wife that there was a Caterpillar Excavator near where I live parked on the street (as there was some construction work going on) . After 2 days passing by that CAT, my wife said “I know you want to! So why don鈥檛 you get suited up and get some pics taken with you on the CAT like the opening scene in Turkey.”

She was kind enough to get permission from the operator and surprised me with that! And i was like YES! I wannaaaa!!

Then on the Saturday preparing to head to a wedding ceremony, I suited up and before heading to the ceremony, we passed the CAT. She stopped the car, got out her camera and said GO!

I got out of my car, buttoned up my suit, ran to the CAT, climbed up and reached the top of the excavator. It was very nerve racking going up that high, but the adrenalin was rushing and it was really exciting.

I got out my Walther PPK, did the Bond pose, got some pics taken, then jumped back down to the back. It was thrilling!

I can say that this was truly a Bond experience.

I had the Bond theme playing in my head (the CR version with the orchestra) throughout the entire time and it was just AWESOME!

I hope there will be more Bond Experiences to come but that鈥檚 my experience for the time being.

Thanks to The Bond Experience for the opportunity to share this and thanks for my wife Iyoel for supporting my crazyness.