Victor G.

I have been a James Bond fan since I was twelve. While I have certainly enjoyed watching the movies, it was really the books that got me originally hooked. My parents owned a set of hardcover Ian Fleming Bond novels, and I helped myself to one after another over the course of about 6 months back in the early 70s. Thinking about it now, Im not so sure Id let my own son read them until hes like thirteen. Actually, Im not sure that my parents approved of me reading them back then, but I think it was a situation where they were glad I was reading in general.

At around the same age, I recall going to the movies with my best friend to see a Dr. No/Thunderball double feature. Wow, those movies were real eye openers for us back then, and some parts of those Bond classics still are today!

Although I’ve been a Bond fan all this time, I wasn’t what you would call an active fan. At least not until Skyfall began production. While I respect and enjoyed all of the Bond actors (except for possibly Peter Sellers), watching Daniel Craig in Casino Royale really sparked-up my enthusiasm for James Bond. I really enjoyed his character portrayal, and after seeing Quantum of Solace, I could say that he became my favorite of all the Bond actors.

skyfall and bond

The best Bond so far?

I happened to come across some news articles related to Skyfall around the time when it began filming. There was also the prelude to the 50 years of Bond milestone happening. After reading a few articles, I soon found myself periodically seeking out more such stories and interviews. I guess you can say it evolved into a kind of hobby. It got to the point where just the anticipation of the new movies release was fun, something exciting to look forward to. Soon I found the various Bond-related websites and was surprised to see how strong of an enthusiast base there is out there.

It was also fun to see and learn about the many types of Bond-related collector items, the life-style information, and the clothing thats out there. Theres such a range of items and novelties, from the more basic knick-knacks (no pun intended) to the high end and expensive clothes and accessories. Of course I succumbed to some temptations in the process, and have acquired a pair of Persol sunglasses complete with 007 case, as well as a pair of nice replica Tom Ford Aviators as in QOS (the real ones would be nice but are quite beyond my current budget!). I also purchased a couple of Sunspel shirts, and am still hunting for some other items, and having fun doing it.

So finally, Skyfall is here, and I successfully rallied my wife and some friends to go out and see it together last weekend. In the weeks (maybe months!) leading up to that event, I was barraging them with Skyfall updates and general Bond trivia. One thing to note, however, is that my wife is not a Bond fan, she just never was. Shes seen a few movies over the years, as a reluctant viewer going with the crowd. I tried to convince her that the Daniel Craig movies are different, not quite as over-the-top or as cavalier as she probably remembers them being. She was pretty firm, saying not interested. But finally I was able to get her to agree to watch Casino Royale before we went to Skyfall. I have to hand it to her; she watched the whole thing all the way through, with no breaks.

I think most fans would agree its not the easiest movie or story to digest. At the end, my wife said, Ok, I see its different than the other Bond movies, but I must say that I did not really enjoy that movie. Oh well, at least she saw it and I believe could see the difference that Daniel Craig made, the story and his acting in the role together. I tried my best to follow-up with a viewing of QOS, but to no avail. I was happy enough that she already said yes to seeing Skyfall, so I didn’t push further. The good news for her was that shed have a girlfriend to be with as we were going with another couple.

The Algerian love knot necklace

The Algerian love knot necklace

So the night to see Skyfall arrives, we all have our babysitters lined up, and I am very excited. I had been joking the week before how I would be wearing my grey suit to the show, and my wife just rolled her eyes and said, Not if you want me to come along. But I did semi-replicate the look that Bond had in Shanghai (not the tux), with the black sweater and white shirt, and this seemed inconspicuous enough. I also just happened to have the stubble beard going on too. As we were leaving the house, I was happy to see that my wife was wearing the Algerian love knot necklace I had bought her this past summer. I never told her that it was a Bond item.

We met our friends for a cocktail before the main event and everyone was in a festive mood. Then it was show time. We went for the Skyfall IMAX experience and I have to say it was really worth it. We were fortunate that the movie was not too crowded and we had good seats. I loved the movie, the sound, the picture quality, Bond, Silva, M, the new Q, everything.

After the show, we went back out for more drinks, food and talk. Everyone loved the movie, and even my wife said, It wasn’t really bad at all for a James Bond movie, although it was a little loud in parts. Hurrah! Then, she looks at me and says, OMG, youre dressed like Bond was in the part when he was in Shanghai, arent you! And everyone had a good laugh. And then, I point out how shes wearing the Bond girl necklace. Well, she couldn’t believe it, but now knows what it is. It was a good ending to a fun night out and of course a great, entertaining movie.

The movie was so much fun to watch, especially for a Bond and Daniel Craig fan who himself is now (hate to say it) fiftyish. The fantastic opening chase sequence, the exotic locations and scenery, the return of the beautiful Aston DB5, I could go on and on.

Thinking back, I guess Sean Connery to me seems simply classic, Roger Moore so suave and cool, and Pierce Brosnan so polished. The others too made their impressions as well.

But to me, Daniel Craig is the best Bond so far, and I am looking forward to at least one more 007 movie with him in the leading role.