At The Bond Experience, we have received an exclusive picture and excerpt from the latest edition of Cinefex, the SkyFall edition. Below is an excerpt from the Cinefex “Skyfall” article, contained in the new issue (133-APRIL 2013). We also have a picture (above) of one of the images in the “Skyfall” story.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Cinefex, but they are a quarterly film magazine that has been covering the field of cinematic effects for 33 years. This issue features a 28-page story on the making of the latest Bond film “Skyfall.

The article is based on in-depth interviews with the film’s special and visual effects teams, and is accompanied by 36 behind-the-scenes full-color photos and frame clips from the film, many of them exclusive to Cinefex.

Here’s the excerpt:

The helicopter crashes nose first into the lodge, its giant rotor blades slicing into the slate walls. The crash featured a 1/3-scale helicopter and lodge, which the art department and construction teams built at Longcross, with Propshop balsa wood fixtures and miniature set dressing. [Special Effects Supervisor Chris] Corboulds team then furnished a mechanical rig, which supported a 1/3 scale Merlin rig. We mounted the miniature helicopter on a hydraulic arm, explained Corbould. On top of the arms, we had a motion base that could tilt and move side to side. The set was about eight feet off the ground. We fed our mechanisms underneath with a slot going up into the house so the arm supporting the helicopter could travel forward and crash the helicopter through the front door.