David Zaritsky, 11/07/2012

Out of all the parts and pieces of the site, I am most excited about this one. That鈥檚 because this is the area where YOU get to share your own Bond experiences. Maybe you shrunk and altered a Barbour SkyFall coat and want to discuss the process and pictures. Maybe you found a great frugal Bond items and want to share your story and pictures. Maybe you had a Bond encounter with a shark ! Or one of a thousand stories and moments that make up the Bond Experience.

I will kick it off with my own latest Bond Experience of walking the red carpet at the Bond Premiere in London.

Pulling up in the cab to the Royal Albert Hall I had a very surreal feeling. Was I in a tux? Was I about to see SkyFall? Was I about to see Daniel Craig and other Bond stars?

David Z at the SkyFall PremiereSteady, David…steady.

Although this was the epitome of Bond fandom, I wanted to keep a cool head and a calm demeanor…at least on the exterior. I immediately saw familiar faces and a few people I never met recognized me from the videos. Fun already. As I approached the waiting area for ticket holders I was told by a friendly bouncer/usher that they would allow us to walk the red carpet shortly. Walk the red carpet? I thought my party and I were going to be brought through a back door, bag over our heads or dumped into a laundry bin and smuggled in. But red carpet treatment? I could hardly contain myself.

There were only about 20 people ahead of us on the holding line and the Bond music was blaring. A big jumbo-tron showed us a black vehicle pull up and out walked Daniel Craig. Screams, cheers, flashbulbs…blinded. Damn, this was real. Suddenly I felt the crowd surge forward, and as good red carpet cattle we followed.

Some others who walked the red carpet with me now speak of it as something that felt very quick and brief. For me, it seemed like a three act play! I saw my friend Remmert propose to his girlfriend Jessica on the red carpet (she said yes, btw). I saw Craig, Naomie Harris, and other stars mere feet away. I saw the DB5 in all its glory, and my good friends posing at certain points, avoiding the waving hands of the bouncer/ushers. At the top of the red carpet stairs I stared down at the throng of cheering, smiling faces and felt a warmth come over me. This was special. This was unique. This was very Bond. I would remember this view and this moment for all time. What surely took less than 8 minutes to complete, would provide a lifetime of memories and moments.

As I walked into the Albert Hall and surrendered my phone I saw more friends I recognized and realized that most of the Bond fans on earth had surely made the journey to this spot, and surely must all be feeling the same excitement and warmth I was feeling. The same feeling when we all watch a Bond movie together, or find a particular Bond item, or simply come together like this.

My Bond experience I wanted to share will hopefully inspire you to share yours; no matter the moment, no matter the experience…it’s sure to be special.