Barry King

What a stretch it has been for a die-hard Bond fan for the past…ohh let鈥檚 say few years.

Starting with Designing 007 in the early summer at the Barbican and that early morning Vesper in the Martini bar…through to Bond in Motion in October…culminating on Friday evening with the James Bond 50th Anniversary Gala at the Royal Festival Hall introduced by the ever lovely Honor Blackman.

And its surprising where a dinner suit (tuxedo) can lead you.

What a 50th Anniversary year it has been for 007…could not quite bag premiere tickets for SkyFall, but still got to see it in its first week of release

Skyfall or Casino Royale…still not sure??

Hoping to go back to Bond in Motion during the Christmas holiday.

I have attached a photo from the Gala evening. Sorry for the November mustache and the hair which is more Connery than Craig these days.

Love the site David keep up it up and who knows…maybe one day I鈥檒l get to meet you on the red carpet.