Matthew Bowyer

whats it like to be james bondThe trailer has been released for “The Other Fellow” – a documentary starring ten real James Bond’s.

Sydney based production house Mindboggler announced today the mid-2013 release of The Other Fellow, a feature documentary about ten real men named James Bond, filmed around the globe during the release of SkyFall.

The announcement followed the release of the film’s first official trailer, featuring the men showing and telling what it’s like to be James Bond and live in the shadow of 007. Over the weekend the trailer has gone viral on 007 fansites around the world. Comments from fans have ranged from “fascinating concept, I can’t wait for this movie!” to “this can’t be real, who would want to watch this?!”

The independent filmmakers found hundreds of real James Bond’s on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin before traveling the world to film the ten whose lives had been forever changed – for better or worse – due to sharing a name with the world’s most famous secret agent.

The film’s title comes from George Lazenby’s infamous first line as 007 in On Her Majesties Secret Service when, after saving her life, the film’s Bond girl runs away from him rather than kissing him. He remarks to camera “this never happened to the other fellow!” – in reference to the more-famous Sean Connery who he had replaced as 007.

Director of The Other Fellow, Matthew Bowyer said: “after considering everything from ‘Meet the Bonds’ to ‘007-up’ we thought this was the most appropriate title for our film. It sums up the life experience of the men featured in the movie – living every day as the ‘other’ James Bond.”

The film’s producer Gerald Crump jokingly added: “with SkyFall about to pass $1billion in worldwide box office earnings we thought this was the right time to announce our film to the world. SkyFall has only one James Bond and ours has ten so we expect The Other Fellow to easily earn at least $10billion next year.”

Fans can find out more about the film and literally ‘Meet the Bonds’ who are posting on the film’s Facebook page at:

Watch the trailer: