That was a question a friend and I posed to each other the other day in respect to collecting lifestyle pieces from SkyFall. After all, with Jany, the costume designer, and other sources coming out to tell us what was what, there has been a mach 3 run on Bond clothes and accessories.

We have joked that our wallets cant take it and the excitement rises with each discovery but is it too much too soon?

Think back to Casino Royale and Quantum. We would discover his glasses and everyone would hunt them down, purchase them, use them…bask in them for a bit. Months later another discovery would be made and the process and fun would repeat.

Today with the fire hose of information, a new box is arriving every other day. Entire outfits will be completed in just a few weeks and before Christmas we MAY actually have all the major components and pieces identified an on our persons as we head to that holiday party.

So I am at odds about this.

On one hand I am very appreciative of the information, the items, the excitement. But on the other hand, I also know there wont be a new movie out for two years and the hunt is half the fun…but we have all the trophies in the hunt already.

As I look at my SkyFall wall, I am already contemplating Bardems gear as a natural jumping point when all of Bonds are acquired.

What gives me happy pause is that the pieces we are purchasing are absolutely things I will wear, enjoy, and live in…so maybe its ok that we have everything soon, because then we can start breaking them in, having fun, and living with them the way they were intended.

What are your thoughts? Happy for the influx of items or a bit sad with the speed?