I take great pleasure in beautiful things. This sentiment is especially lived while I am on vacation and in fact love to enjoy the Bond-like pleasures.


Treating yourself to a Shrublands-like moment can be a decadent treat. A vigorous massage in an amazing setting is very Bond. Bond lives as if he might die tomorrow and therefore lives life to the fullest. Although a Spa and their treatments might be a sizable expense, having someone focus on your well-being and comfort is very rewarding. Afterwards you will walk a little differently, a slight swagger to your step.

Pool side

Cucumber soaked cold clothes over the eyes, fruit filtered water, and a casual grotto swim all conjure up the fine life. The Bond life is all about creating these moments where you shake your head in disbelief at how well you feel and are being treated. Ritz Carlton relies on these physiological as well as psychological connections to pleasure and decadence.


Ian Fleming captured Bonds love of food and drink in so much detail that to replicate a Bond moment around this event is not hard. Having a cold, strong drink before dinner then supplementing that with the correct vintage creates all the trappings of the Bond dinner where you are transported into your favorite adventure.


Although shopping is not a natural connection to the Bond movies or books, one can imagine that Bond acquires his lifestyle and goodies through shopping. With the high level of quality Bond demands, it is not hard to imagine yourself walking down Savills Rowe or Rodeo Drive and being pampered by the store clerks and attendees. While on vacation people tend to spend a bit more on things than they normally would at home, probably due to the fact it one can caught up into the relaxed state of mind and the need to continue to treat oneself. What better way than to make that decadent purchase, a sort of souvenir of your moment.


Having an adventure is what makes the difference between a vacation for the sake of re-charging and a vacation filled with thrills. It could be as simple as exploring the natural fauna or as complex as bungee jumping off of a damn. I find the best vacations have a wonderful mix of both relaxation and adventure as Bonds life seems to dictate.

The true pleasure during vacation is pure relaxation and a departure from the everyday dribble.

When you add a dash of Bond to the mix, it merely spices it up a bit.