Colors. We are educated as a child to celebrate colors with their variety and expansive ways. In the advertising and marketing world, colors can create an array of emotions when combined with the right message and they can be either a strong inducer of thought or a dull moment created.

BUT never has there been more controversy, anxiety, and consternation than color questions of Bond clothing.

This rubbing of the noggin began way back in the Casino Royale days (remember those, young wiper snappers?) when groups of us purchased the Bahamas arrival Persols, in BLACK not brown. Well hell, we were going off of stills and blurry assumptions.

Then we tried to identify the Alfani shirt he wears while seducing Solange. How many black shirts were purchased until we discovered late in the game it was blue?

Here are in my top color disconnects in just the Craig era:

  1. People thought the Armani jacket was black
  2. People thought the TF shirt from QoS was black
  3. People thought the TF Harrington from QoS was black
  4. People thought the chinos from Enjoying Death were khaki
  5. People thought the boots from Enjoying Death were grey
  6. People thought the NPeal sweater was greensome thought blue
  7. People thought the belt Bond wears with Madagascar shirt was brown
  8. And so on…

The latest color controversy I have seen is over the leather on the re-issue of the Billy Reid Pea Coat. Several buyers have remarked that the leather looks darker than expected. Realizing there is always variation in leather and dyes I can see where there isnt an exact match but it was enough to make some upset and concerned.

This color disconnect for some is enough to taint the experience for them; for others they are taking it in stride. Regardless, you can see how color plays a very important role, especially if it plays with one’s expectations with what Bond has versus what they have. As collectors we want the exact same, not an approximation even if its on an accent piece like a collar. The passion can be seen around this in the constant challenge of finding the SAME as what Bond wore.

Have you been the victim of the color war of clothes and accessories?