On any given day I receive around 5 emails asking for advice on how something should fit, or what size jacket someone should order, or if Dent gloves runs small etc. This may not surprise you, but the fact that I answer every one of these might. I feel a sense of obligation in the most positive way to answer these emails so other Bond fans can enjoy their purchases and not have anxiety over nasty surprises when they arrive.

After all, nothing takes the wind from ones sails like opening a package, trying on a much anticipated item and then stuffing it back to be returned five minutes later.

So in essence I have become the ipso facto consultative tailor of Bond collectors.

Now, as much as I am happy to do this I always tell people that I am not liable for my advice ie caveat emptor! But, if you do send me an email question of this nature, make sure you include the following things:

  1. Item that you have a question about
  2. What type of build you are? Muscular, slight, etc.
  3. Jacket size ie 40 Regular and tell me if you are measuring in EU or US standards
  4. Waist size
  5. Sleeve length, if you can
  6. Height

I have been able to correctly note the size of an item 95% of the time. Not a bad track record if I do say so myself.

Regardless, there is nothing like going to a store and trying the pieces on but alas us Bond detectives are usually not that fortunate.

Good hunting!