As we rapidly approach the New Year, my annual thought process around resolutions starts to enter into my mind. Usually they center on fitness and dedication to the job at hand etc., but this year my mind has wandered into Bond territory. Now, I have to admit Bond does not seem like the type of fellow who makes New Years resolutions; quite the opposite he seems to be made to BREAK them.

For me, it was important to look back at 2012 and see what I could improve upon when it comes to Bond. First of all, there is the physical component of Bond in the form of my exercise regimen. I have to admit I have been fairly dedicated to my workout schedule especially with my 45th fast approaching, but as my body changes so must my workout.

My goal of looking and feeling more like Bond does push me to wake up at 4:30 AM when the rest of the world is still in REM. But this year I will push myself even harder, lift weight that is heavier and introduce an innovative core process to fight the battle of the bulge.

Part of the Bond experience is tackling the challenges on both a physical and psychological level, so I enjoy the rigors of the workout and the attempt to get closer to the target of having a physique that does not look appalling in a Tom Ford suit.

Well…that handles the body, but what of the mind?

Many of you bared witness to a nearly 30% reduction in my Bond collection in an effort to focus on the Bond lifestyle.

So far so good, but in 2013 I will be hard pressed to keep to this focus. I love the idea of a more finite concentration of what I collect and do as a Bond fan but there will be that odd prop that springs up that I know I will be tempted to acquire.

My dedication to the focus will be easier as I recreate my collection display in a form more befitting of what I have always loved about Bond. More on that in an upcoming video as I transform my basement into what I think will truly be a one of a kind display that will stay true to my Bond journey forward.

Finally, one of my strong resolutions is around friendships through the Bond community. I would like to spend more face time with Bond fans and my friends associated with Bond in 2013. Although I had many encounters and the internet is a fun distraction, nothing beats the in person moments to truly create the ultimate Bond experience. These moments become indelible memories and ones I take with me throughout my journey.

This will mean organizing more events, gatherings, trips etc. which I look forward to.

Perhaps WE will even meet sooner rather than later.

Until then, dwell a bit on your path to improvement and consider a Bond-related resolution that helps you to focus, get better, and move into 2013 being the best version of you.