Kev Johnson

Recently my wife and I visited the New Forest National Park, situated on the south coast of England. We stayed at The Master Builders house hotel for several nights which overlooks a tributary of the River Solent. The rear enjoys beautiful views and at the bottom of hotel grounds is a gate which leads to the marina.

We took our dog max and in the morning would take him immediately outside the gate past an old boat that for all intents and purposes appeared to have been the victim of bad weather and been stranded on the bank side.

After a couple of days and on closer inspection it turns out to be the boat used in Quantum of Solace where Greene hands over the girl to the General and is chased by Bond.

Later that evening my wife and I ordered 2 Vespers and drank to it’s health.

Don’t know how it ended up there, the hotel staff had no idea.

Not a thrilling story but a genuine piece of film memorabilia from a much underrated movie.

Thanks to David for a wonderful site.