As many of you have been privy to the re-focusing of my James Bond collection, I thought it might be interesting for you to also see the progress of the rebirth and rebuild of the collection and display.

I wanted to make sure that my display looked nothing like my previous one…after all I didn’t want it to look like a smaller version of what once was but rather a representation of what is! And what IS is a strong focus on the Bond lifestyle and experiences.

Thus, my fertile mind whirling, I decided to build the display as if a Bond store was created in my basement, complete with categories and departments of interest.

For example, there will be a knife section, a gun section, rings and jewelry, sports equipment, IDs etc.

These pieces will be displayed in chronological movie order so the observer or visitor can hone in on a favorite section and see the evolution of that sector of lifestyle items.

Ah, but first things first…the demo. What comes up must come down and so did many years of collecting and displaying.

Machine gun bullet sized holes in the walls revealed themselves as posters and shelving was removed. As the room became barren and I cataloged each piece to a storage area for the time being, I recounted each small story that goes with each collectible.

Fond memories of people and the hunt intermingled to create a wonderful recountance of the build of the Zaritsky Archive.

These memories and thoughts would become the building blocks of the new display.

Much more to come…

new bond collection

Change is Good