bond shanghai sweaterJust the other day I received the John Smedley V neck sweater/jumper that is seen in the SkyFall Shanghai scene. When it was first discovered, I was excited to begin finishing off the Shanghai outfit especially with the Billy Reid coat in my possession. As I ordered the sweater I began reading the sizing information. As a matter of habit I read VERY carefully the sizing information on all these pieces to decipher the very best one to purchase. After all in some brands I am a small, some I am a medium, and yes, some I am a large.

Sigh, its enough to drive someone batty.

But I move in with caution because there is nothing worse than being excited about getting an acquisition in only to discover it looks baggy on you, or the reverse. The Smedley sweater actually said it was a classic fit and generous in the chest and arms etc…so naturally I thought it was made like a Brooks Brothers sweater and tent-like, so I was going for a small.

Then my friend Simon not only reminded me that European sizes are more fitted than the USA classic fits but he also found a picture of a model who is about my size wearing a medium.

The medium looked damn good and well fitted so I was convinced that I should listen to Simon (Simon says) and order a medium.

Ripping open the package, I had premonitions of a black sack draped over me but as soon as I held it up I smiled…this thing was not baggy. Hell, it looked slim fit! Then I tried it on (see quick pics to the right) and the smile grew.

Damn, Simon was right and once more an article of clothing comes in that fits perfectly thanks to some advice, detective work, and research.

So…any good techniques out there on sizing?