I would like to think of the Bond community as a tightly woven group bordering on a culture of different people all galvanized by one focus. Because of this, when one in our community is slighted or an offending event happens to them, we ALL tend to feel it.

One such event occurred just the other day when a well known Bond collector found the very rare Zara enjoying death shirt on eBay and negotiated with the seller a Buy it Now purchase. The Buy it Now occurred and he was delighted.

Delighted until the seller sent him an email stating he as going to not honor the Buy it Now sale and instead was going to re-list the item because he had found out from others how valuable the item was.

Obviously this infuriated our brother in arms. Not only did it go against the legal contract of Buy it Now from eBay, but it was morally wrong and just plain douchey.

But as I pointed out, we are a strong, vocal, and passionate group and when said collector posted his story, an outcry could be heard from our clan that was heard by the eBay seller.

Feeling the heated pressure of others who sympathized with the plight of the collector, the seller finally connected with him again and sold him the shirt after all….unfortunately for a premium but nevertheless sold it to him.

Was it the perfect ending to a brewing problem? Absolutely not, but better than many of the alternatives.

With Bond goodies going for exorbitant prices, is there anyone out there that has had have similar examples they want to share?