This is an exciting time for any Bond fan but if that same fan is a Bond collector then the excitement tends to be tripled with the wonderful onslaught of products and opportunities to capture a piece of Bond.

Let me know if this sounds like your house. The doorbell rings and a package is delivered. The entire house knows it’s for you, there is no question. Oh, once in a blue moon a rare package may show up for your wife or daughter, but on the whole the monster share of boxes, envelopes, padded bags has your name on it.

And chances are they are Bond related.

Tell me if this also sounds familiar…”what did you get now?”

Ah, I can virtually see nodding of the heads. And over time we have created pithy answers to the questions such as “its a gift” and “it’s just a little something” and the ever popular “it’s an investment that I couldn’t pass up…these things will be worth a ton someday. It would have been irresponsible of me not to buy this.”

So knowing the mailman will be showing up at your door what do YOU say when your family groans and grimaces about another piece coming into the collection?